Ladies tend to choose inexpensive shampoos, although they don’t hesitate to use expensive cosmetics for their skin. However, the regenerative capability of hair is much weaker than that of skin, so they actually should be taking better care of their hair than their skin. Even stylists themselves, who teach the importance of hair care, will sometimes use inexpensive shampoos. I was very much in need of a really pleasant organic shampoo.


Through my personal experience of suffering from multiple allergies, I have been researching the relationship between the poisons that penetrate the skin and hair-care methods. If I focus on scalp care, my hair gets damaged; on the other hand, my scalp gets damaged if I focus on hair care. I went through this conflict between scalp care and hair care for over 30 years. From my experience of running a spa for 25 years, I have learned the importance of combining scalp and hair care with the maintenance of beautiful skin. We successfully formulated what we believe to be the best hair-care product that is not only good for the body and hair, but which also helps natural healing power. We formulated this product with integrity and with no preservatives. Please enjoy your everyday hair care wrapped in the fragrance of berries. I am very proud to provide this made-in-Japan hair-care product to the world with SAYURI USHIO.

Co-Developer Yukari Sekito


SAYURI creates her works of art by traveling the world. She encounters models on the street, enhances their outfits on the fly, does their hair and make-up, and runs the photo-shoots by herself. Her collection of photographs, “For Japanese Hairdressers,” has been published in thirteen different cities in six countries.


The hair salon owner SAYURI treats business management as a beautiful work of art. She envisions the future hundreds and thousands of years ahead, and her curiosity and courage in facing the future bring her to higher levels of awareness and creativity.


SAYURI has created the Contoured Face Slimming Haircut technique, “SBC Step bone cut.” This technique enhances the flat Asian bone structure and alters the appearance to a more Western style. She holds classes in multiple cities, and this gives stylists from different countries the skills they need to be more creative with their styling designs.

Back in history, Coco Chanel used fashion to free the female from oppression. Now, SAYURI USHIO opens a new door to free people’s minds for new hair styles.

“Kodou” is an interactive art project dedicated to hair care. This amazing idea was born during a conversation that SAYURI and Yukari had in little cafe in Paris. SAYURI met ”Yukari Sekito”, who runs a spa and its technicians' schools in Paris, and she sympathized with Yukari's professional perspective and her ideas about beauty. They decided to invent a cosmetic shampoo which expresses the ideas and techniques of a beauty salon. SAYURI not only created a revolutionary movement of hair design through the Contoured Face Slimming Haircut technique, but she is also trying to change the whole concept of hair care. Please use all five of your senses to experience the luxurious cosmetic hair-care product that's been created though her synergy with the professional esthetician, “Yukari Sekito.”

Sweet, Gentle, and Gorgeous, just like sugar-coated candies. The secret behind the all-natural, preservative-free hair-care product we created is the natural sugar, “glycerin”, which comes from corn. This sugar has an intrinsic fluid-retention capability. From this, the sugar removes the fluid from bacteria and mold to prevent them from growing. (This is the reason that jellies and jams never go bad). This characteristic of glycerin will help your hair hold more moisture, and this will result in moisturized silky hair without the use of any preservatives. Unlike the glycerin that comes from oil, the glycerin we use comes from natural substances, so everyone can use it without any concerns. This product also can have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Normal, mass-produced hair-care products contain 80% water, but our product contains only 40% glycerin, and this gives much better results. Please enjoy our sweet, gentle, and gorgeous natural products.

The new idea of “anti‐saccharification” for your beauty and health. Through the latest research in the field of medicine, we now know that “saccharification” is the worst enemy of health, because it ages the skin and the body even more than “oxidization”. “Saccharification” means the conversion of protein to sugar. When you take in sugar through food, that sugar binds with your body's proteins and saccharizes them into sugars, which then get stored inside of your body. 99% of your hair is made out of Keratin. When Keratin gets saccharized, the hair loses its shine and strength. In addition, when the scalp gets saccharized, it loses its regenerative power, and this results in a lower hair growth rate. A protein called “kinesin” helps the pigment “melanin” to maintain hair color. When kinesin gets saccharized, melanin becomes weaker, and that results in the growth of more grey hair. This hair-care product makes use of an “anti‐saccharification” formula which prevents all the negative effects of saccharification. Please use this every day to maintain your beauty and health into the future.

Is it fairy-tale magic? The flower-power of Aquaporin supports our own, natural moisturizing system. Normal hair-care products stick moisturizing substances into the hair and onto the scalp in order to make the hair look shinier, but it will eventually fade. However, our idea is to “boost natural inner healing power,” and Aquaporin is the key to this method. Aquaporin sounds like a name of fairy, but it’s actually a name of the organic system that helps pump water through all the cells in the human body. When the amount of Aquaporin decreases in your body, the skin and hair lose their moisture, and this causes hair loss. This hair-care product contains flower and plant essences which help Aquaporin remain in the body. This ensures that your hair, scalp, and cells will get enough water, 24-by-7. *The loss of Aquaporin is not simply due to aging. The preservatives “sodium lauryl sulfate”, “edetic acid”, and other saccharification substances also deplete Aquaporin. Most hair-care products contain these substances, so please be careful in choosing what you put in your hair.

The design that comes with love and best wishes from Japanese ladies from around the world. This hair-care art project is co-developed by a hair professional and a beauty salon professional, and it was created in Japan under high safety standards. The bottle was designed by an artist who works in Paris, and the brochure was designed by an artist from New York. All the designers are Japanese women who work internationally. They created designs based on the desire for you to enjoy your daily hair-care process, and their wish for you to have a loving relationship with your hair. We fervently hope that our purification shampoo and natural beauty treatment will bring you happiness. Every day.

The specialty of the “SBC Step bone cut” is the cutline that will swing in the air naturally. The hair-care product that is specifically created for that cutting technique is not a mere shampoo and treatment.

Hair that swings in the air with happiness that fills your heart, blessing you with purification. This whole experience is a form of interactive art. Experience the joy of true freedom.


This purification shampoo will make you feel like an innocent baby, enveloped in bubbles with the aroma of berries. It will purify your hair and scalp and help increase your intrinsic curative power for bringing out your healthy, natural beauty. This is a dream-come-true shampoo that’s been co-developed by hair professionals and skin professionals.

250ml JPY 7,771 (tax out)



Bless your freshly cleaned hair and scalp with this treatment that contains powerful plant essences. Your can enjoy this treatment with all five of your senses, and it will make you feel better every day.

250ml JPY 7,770 (tax out)


It contains no chemicals that would remain on your skin or in your hair. Of course, it does not contain any preservatives, either. Your hair might get little stiff right after washing, because it removes all the unnecessary substances. However, your hair will get lighter after drying. You will soon notice there is no need for complicated hair styling. At that moment, you will experience true freedom.